A birthday party at the Ski Centre

Birthday parties here, as in most houses, are a source of huge excitement. The challenge usually, is trying to find something a little bit different and in this case, something that’s a little bit extra exciting for the Christmas baby, whose birthday is often overshadowed by the season’s festivities. So when the Ski Centre, Sandyford, got in touch and offered to host my son’s birthday party – well there was nothing else he wanted to consider.

As the day drew closer excitement levels were sky high amongst the birthday boy and his friends, most of whom had never been on the slopes before – and that didn’t matter at all.

What to wear

All specialst equipment (boots, skis etc) is provided so prepping is really easy. All you need to do is make sure your child is wearing comfortable sportswear and thick socks. Personally I’d go for easily-removed layers, because the kids warm up as the session progresses.


On the day

Parents have to sign a waiver before their children take part. You’re asked to arrive 20 minutes early so that waivers can be checked and your child can be matched with their equipment. There’s an Alpine games room available with air ice-hockey tables and football tables where the children can play before the party starts. Parents also have the option to order pizza for party food from 4 Start pizza which is nearby and runs special deals with the Ski centre, or if you prefer you can bring your own food. You’ll need to bring your own birthday cake! The centre provide cordial free of charge.

There’s an Apres Ski/Party room for party food after the children are finished on the slopes.

On the indoor “piste”

All staff are fully trained and they couldn’t have been kinder or more patient with the children on the day – irrespective of ability. Activities and skills were honed on the revolving slope which simulated real ski runs. There were giggles and laughter galore as their confidence grew and nobody wanted to come off the slopes at the end!

The added bonus for the birthday child is that they’re gifted a skiing lesson to be used at another time as part of the birthday package

Overall impressions

The skiing party more than lived up to expectations. The children loved it and the birthday boy announced it to be his best party ever. The staff were great, the facilities were great and the novelty aspect was ideal. I have no doubt we’ll be back again


Time for cake!

Pricing and booking

Pricing varies, depending on the day and the numbers – pricing details can all be accessed here

The party was gifted to us, but as always my review is based on whether I’d have felt it was value for money had I paid. Having seen the enjoyment my birthday boy and his friends got the party, it’s a definte thumbs up from us.




Taking the Hotter Shoes test!

You can take the girl out of the high-heels, but you can’t take the high heels out of the girl – or so the saying goes, well at least so I reckon it should go!

I’ve always loved my high-heels – the higher the better generally. They’re a wardrobe staple in my book, so when Hotter Shoes got in touch to see if I’d like to try out a pair of their shoes I wasn’t sure I’d find something that could convince me to abandon my usual style. Looking through their brochure however, the magpie in me was immediately drawn to a rose-gold pair in their Gravity range.

rose-gold gravity shoes

The  Gravity range are described as having “breathable, perforated, sleek leather or velvet nubuck uppers, with padded collar and tongue and cushioned insole for all-round comfort and support”. Reading this and given what I’d heard on the grapevine about the Hotter Shoes range, I had high expectations of comfort. I’ll be honest – they didn’t disappoint. Not only were they as stylish in reality as they appeared in the brochure, they immediately felt incredibly comfortable and supportive without any wearing-in period – a definite first for me.

The change in style was spotted immediately by my nearest and dearest and everyone who saw them complimented my shoes. My father-in-law even went so far as to say I seemed more balanced in them now that I wasn’t “tottering about”. The jury is still out on whether or not I should accept that particular “compliment”!

so comfortable!

Hotter Shoes not only very kindly gifted me a pair of shoes to try myself, they’ve also given me a pair (which can be chosen from either the Brooke or Gravity range) to give away to a lucky Mama-tude follower. So if you fancy a new pair of stylish, incredibly comfortable  and according to my father in law, balance-enhancing shoes* then just come on over the Mama-tude Facebook page to try your luck. And remember, if you’re not in you can’t win!

*  My father in law *may not be an expert in determining what are balance enhancing shoes

*My father in law is definitely not an expert in determining what are balance enhancing shoes

But I thought I’d test his theory anyway…

Testing my father in law’s balance enhancing theory!