Darkness into the light

A man called to my house today looking for sponsorship for a walk he is doing.  A “darkness into the light” walk in aid of Pieta House.  He didn’t go into any particular reason behind his decision to take part in the walk but it was clear that he felt passionate about the worthwhile cause behind it. The poignant symbolism of the “darkness into the light” walk is not lost on
many.   I have seen so much activity on Facebook in recent weeks with wonderful people working so very hard to raise sponsorship for the same cause, some in the name of a loved one tragically lost to suicide. It is a worst nightmare for many of us but a living heart-breaking reality for others.

Very few of us will go through our lives without being affected either directly or indirectly by mental health issues.  Whether it’s ourselves, family members or friends, depression in its many forms, is indiscriminate.  It doesn’t care about your age, your culture, your beliefs, your wealth or your social status. It doesn’t care who depends on you, who loves you or how much you appear to have – and it lies.  It tells great big whopping lies. It tells the person in its grip that things are hopeless, that they are worthless, that there is no escape. Depression convinces a person that there is something to be ashamed of in how they’re feeling.  Depression is ruthless

In seeing how many celebrities are now speaking about their own personal battles with depression I hope that this will somewhat lessen the
stigma associated with depression.  I hope it will give our young people someone to look at and realise that depression can affect anyone, at anytime. I hope it will give them the strength to reach out for the help and support they need. I hope it will help others realise that they are not alone. Too many beautiful souls have already left this earth before their time.

 Well done to all those due to participate in the “darkness into the light” walk and run. I hope you raise a fortune!  A truly and exceptionally worthy cause ~ Jen