Welcome to the new Mama-tude website!

A huge and very warm welcome to Mama-tude’s new site!

I have some pretty big and exciting upcoming projects in the pipeline so it seemed the perfect time to launch my new site which was all designed and basically put together for  me by my brilliant friend Andrew Barnes – whose own blog you can and should check out here 

So have a look around Mama-tude.com , take comfort in the familiar and let me know what you think. There’s past posts,  newspaper articles, podcasts and reviews of my book to be found – and a little info about me too.

And my social media buttons are there too – so if you’re not following me already across the different channels,  please do. I love to have the chats.

So all that’s left for me to do now  is cut the virtual ribbon and declare Mama-tude’s new site open. Go forth, explore and enjoy!!

Jen xxx

6 thoughts on “Welcome to the new Mama-tude website!”

  1. Congratulations Jen! Excited to see your new blog live! Thrilled have been involved in this with you!

    1. Thanks Andy for all your hard work and for being the most patient man ever!!!

  2. Looks fantastic Jen. Now you’re ready for world domination. Good luck with it all. 😀

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