Some exciting news!


I recently told a few close friends and family members that I had some exciting news. As a woman known for having a particularly overactive uterus, the first assumption by many was that another baby was on the way. While nothing quite tops baby news, that wasn’t the news that I was sharing on this occasion!

The excitement began a couple of weeks ago and part one of the journey culminated yesterday, with the signing of my life, (or the next few months of it, anyway), away. There was only one way I could possibly celebrate – lunch, followed by Dirty Dancing at the theatre, with more than the odd glass of wine consumed in between. By all accounts, it was a perfect Friday!

Oh yes, the news, the sort of news someone with a passion for writing and all things parenting can only dream of – I’ve been offered a book deal.

Excuse me a moment while I explain. What I really mean is – O.M.G. I’VE BEEN OFFERED A BOOK DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So there you have it – Mama-tude, aka Jen Hogan, aka your ‘wan with all the kids, aka Maaaaam, muuum, maaaaaammmmmy, is writing a parenting book which will be published later this year!

I’ve put it in writing and I’m posting it on my blog, yet it still seems like a dream.

Quick, somebody pinch me!