T’was the night before midterm

T’was the night before midterm,
And all through the schools,
The walls were adorned,
With witches and ghouls,
The teachers were smiling,
At the thought of a break,
While the parents they pondered
What childcare route to take,
The children were dreaming,
Of Zombies in beds,
While visions of pumpkins,
Danced in their heads,
And Halloween planning,
Of costumes galore
With make up and masks,
Were right at the fore,
Of every child’s thoughts,
As the big day drew near
With the hope of creating,
A real sense of fear,
In every poor neighbour,
They’d encounter and meet,
When they called to their door
And said “trick or treat”,
Then return home with bags,
Filled with sweets and crisps plenty,
Try to eat them all quickly,
Until it is empty,
So the sugar filled kids,
You can picture the scene,
Won’t be sleeping that night,
Have a Happy Halloween! 🎃