War song of the holidays

It’s summer break and school is out
There’s parents on the brink
Of panic at the thoughts of it
It’s driving them to drink
The children have a different view
Of the weeks that stretch ahead
With no early starts or busy days
Do they need to go to bed
At 9 o’clock or even ten
Sure the sun is in the sky
And if you try to coax them in
You know that they will cry
And cry and moan a little more
Protest that it’s not fair
Cos Johnny, Sam and Sarah too
Are playing over there
And on the days the sun’s not out
The rain has come instead
The little darlings everywhere
Are bouncing on the bed
They’ll tell you that they’re really bored
They don’t know what to do
In spite of having many toys
That fill a room or two
The squabbling starts, “he hit me first”
Your nerves are all a flutter
You count the days up in your head
And “pleasantries” you mutter
But though you think you’ll lose your mind
There’s something to remember
When school is out, there’s one great thing
No homework til September!